Week one down! Starting with my rear bicycle wheel dipped in the Atlantic ocean, I departed St. Augustine, destined for Tallahassee, the State Capital - 200 miles west. Some of the distance was hard and the rainy weather didn’t make things easier. It’s ironic that I'd stop for a night at a Tallahassee bike hostel, a place that has Social Responsibility and Healthy Living in their Mission Statement,

……which got me thinking of the parallels for EDGE Ingredients. At EDGE Ingredients, we focus on novel and functional clean label, natural, and sustainable ingredients based on fruit and vegetables. These qualities provide health and wellness benefits. Like the Bicyclehouse's mission, we are aligned and believe in being socially responsible along with doing our part toward healthy living.

Many thanks to the Bicycle House crew for providing such an awesome place for cross country cyclists to rest up for their next leg of the journey. Onward, and more to come!

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