edge ingredients offerings


Gelling Whole Food Activated Fibers:

EDGE's FiberColloids™ are the newest addition to the texture industry. These game-changing fibers have similar functionality to that of known gelifying hydrocolloids. EDGE's products are derived from plant biomass using a patented process. The resulting whole food fibers provide impressive water binding attributes and the ability to form gels...even instant! 

By virtue of being derived from either fruit or vegetable biomass, our FiberColloids™ are natural, sustainable, and economical versus most gelifying texture ingredients on the world market. Consumer known declarations, like "citrus fiber" and no E-numbers make these products well suited for today’s savvy food processor. Now marketers can improve their ingredient declarations without sacrificing product quality and performance.

Dietary Functional Fibers

EDGE's dietary fibers are clean label, natural functional fibers that provide texture enhancement and emulsifying properties. These benefits improve food texture and enhance digestive health.

Plant-Based Food Preservation

EDGE's food prezervation ingredients ("Prezervit") provide natural and clean-label solutions for meat curing and cure accelaration.  Easy to use as our products are non-hygroscopic free flowing powders.  Benefits of pathogen mitigation along with color fixation along with physical charactistics make our products a significant improvement over alternatives in the market

Locust Bean and Tara Gum Replacement

EDGE's offering ("APEX") is an incredible offering that directlly replaces LBG and Tara in most every food sector.  A 1:1 replacer based on galactomannan.  Label friendly and easy to use.

Natural Phosphate Replacement

EDGE's latest offering for phosphate replacement ("EPIC") is the only true option for phosphate replacment.  A 1:1 (or less!) TSPP/STPP replacer in most meat applications suited to all meat proteins.  Easy to use in all production technologies and environments.