Novel Functional Ingredients by Nature

EDGE Ingredients improves processed food by supplying two key texture ingredient categories: Gelling Agents & Dietary Fibers.

  • We employ revolutionary technology to convert fruit and vegetable biomass into sustainable, label-friendly, and GMO-free gelling ingredients. 

  • We supply dietary fiber from citrus which has outstanding moisture control properties.

Cutting-EDGE Clean Ingredients for the Food Industry

Historically, ingredient chemists and manufacturers have solely focused on identifying, characterizing, isolating, and producing ultra purified 'ingredients' to be used in food products. As a result, viable components go to waste. Lost are the benefits and original purpose of the whole food.

Through our extensive research and innovative techniques, in the fields of fiber and polymer science, EDGE Ingredients has developed technologies which turn plant biomass waste into novel whole food fibers. The resulting technology “activates” fibers within plant biomass causing them to behave in a unique manner.

EDGE products are the world’s first natural multi‐functional fibers made from fruit and vegetable biomass. Our fibers not only provide water binding and thickening characteristics but more incredibly, gelification qualities (even instant!).

EDGE's gelling whole food fibers function similarly to many known gelling hydrocolloids such as Alginate, Carrageenan, Pectin, Methylcellulose, and Gellan. We call them "FiberColloids™."  Our cutting-EDGE offerings provide the only gelling natural fibers in the market.

Our novel products provide texture technologists with truly novel textural ingredients providing a breadth of possibilities to develop mouth feel, viscosity, or gels.

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