Novel Functional Ingredients by Nature

EDGE Ingredients improves processed food by providing clean-label ingredients catering to each Food Texture and Food Preservation

  • We employ revolutionary patented technology to convert plant-biomass into sustainable, label-friendly, and GMO-free Texture Ingredients. 

  • We utilitize bio-technology in novel ways to create user friendly and clean label Food Preservation and Texture Ingredients.

Cutting-EDGE Clean Ingredients for the Food Industry

Historically, ingredient chemists and manufacturers have solely focused on identifying, characterizing, isolating, and producing ultra purified 'ingredients' to be used in food products. As a result, viable components go to waste. Lost are the benefits and original purpose of the whole food.

Through our extensive research and innovative techniques, in the fields of fiber/polymer science and bio-technology, EDGE Ingredients has developed technologies which turn plant biomass waste into novel clean-label food ingredients. The resulting technologies “activates” the plant biomass resulting in unique functional charactistics.

Founded in 2017 with a platform of food texture, EDGE Ingredients now comprises of a product range of unique ingredients and technologies that deliver clear and verifiable value propositions in Meats, Dairy, Beverages, Savory, Bakery and Pet Food applications

Our portfolio of ingredients are:

FiberGEL:  Whole food gelling fiber ("FiberColloid") and dietary fibers.  Presently based on citrus, for now, functionality of Fibercolloids are similar to gelling hydrocolloids like carrageenan, alginate, pectin and in some cases gellan gum.

APEX 1262:  100% alternative to LBG or Tara Gums based on novel galactomannan technology.  Ample supply and cost effective

Prezervit:  Our portfolio of plant-based food preservation ingredients for meats.  Most notable is our abiilty to create free flowing, non-hygroscopic powders (an industry game-changer) and no infrigment on known IP/Patents.

EPIC 2112:  Our natural clean-label phosphate replacer.  1:1 (or less) replacment for STPP/TSPP

Our products provide technologists with truly novel texture and preservation ingredients providing a breadth of possibiities to develop mouth feel, viscosity, gels all while enhancing product shelf-life.


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